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Thank you to Everyone who judged our site praiseworthy!

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year's first bronze award 1998 bronze award 1999 TIGHT Site Award
gayquestIt is our pleasure
to announce that
thanks to the excellent quality and great contents
your site has been chosen as a Gayquest's best site for

"Best Stories Site"!


Dear Andrej,

Thank you for your excellent contribution to GeoCities.

We like your site so much that we've decided to feature it.



Presented to


July 17 th 1998


Just a Prairie Boy

You are the recipient of the Just a PrairieBoy WEB EXCELLENCE AWARD.

Your hard work at creating an original, creative, interesting and enjoyable site has won you this award. Not all who apply or are nominated will receive this award.
This means as a winner of this award you should be proud and stand tall as you and your site .... are amongst the few who are the cream of the crop!

Congratulations for what you have achieved and best wishes for all you may endeavor to achieve on the web in the future.

Gold Award

Gold Award - Best Of The Web
While hunting on the web we found your site. We believe that all works of beauty, especially works created with love are to be recognized and promoted. Your site is artistic in content, style, and presentation. It is with pleasure that we issue the The GOLD Award to this site.

Congratulations on producing a Web Site that reflects a very high standard of creativity and professionalism on the World Wide Web. Excellent quality of content and ease of navigation.

Nominate others for this award! SMAQ silver Award
Amanda's Award for Equality and Excellence! 9 stars Award

Congratulations!!!! Your site has won our award.
You have a very nice site. I enjoyed my visit to your site and will be back to visit often.

I've got class!

freedom award

buzzguide award

Your site has been selected for the BuzzGuide Award for Excellence. In the fields of education, service and entertainment for your stories, graphics and html help for beginners. Also for service to the Gay Community.
rainbow end award
Heart Award

Hi I have spent the evening at your site I wanted to let you know that you have done a GREAT job and I wanted to give you something for all the work and effort you have put into it so it is with great honor that I present you with this award I only give it to the people who have touched my heart and you have done that and I THANK YOU..:)

again THANKS for making the web a better place by having such a wonderful site.


ALOHA AWARD - Click here to nominate a site!

All of us agreed that you truly do have an interesting web site with quality content and design, informative and unique.

Congratulations and Aloha,

Kealoha, Leilani, Bruce and Steve

A Touch of Magick Web Award

Congratulations on a well designed site!

Your site has been reviewed by our awards staff and it was found to be well designed, and worthy of winning our

"A Touch of Magick Silver Award".

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance
for May, 1999

Souther Nytes

kingew excell. gayday award

For Excellent Content!

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gayamerica gay eroticaGay Nation International Guild of Gay Webmaster's Site of Excellence award


CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are very Proud to Present To You The Shadow Girlz Web Elite Award! We think that Your Website is a Real Gem because of Its Wonderful Design and Originality, Its Outstanding Content And The Greatness of the Human Values It Promotes!

Shadow Girlz Award

We created Our Award to Thank and Reward The Fabulous People Whose Incredible Websites Are amongst the Greatest and Incomparable Treasures of the World Wide Web. Yours is All That and So Much More and We are so Happy and Delighted to Show You our Appreciation.

Once Again, All our Congratulations!! Keep up the Fantastic Work and Thank You for Embellishing the Internet with Your WebSite!


I have visted your webpage and found it to be a quality site. I enjoyed viewing your page.
I came upon your page by surfing. This Award is made thru surfing and not an application.
Best Regards, DJ

Banner Program Guide- The Ultimate Guide to Internet Banner Programs

Congratulations, your site has the high honor of receiving the Silver for it's quality and content.

-Adam Carroll

Top Choice Award

top choice aw
A very nice site with good design, clever use of graphics and good content, good navigation and excellent load time.

This site is a positive contribution to the Web.

Thank you for making the web a more informative and interesting place!

ABAS 2-Star Cool Site Award

ABAS Award

Your site has met all of the criteria required to receive our award. We really enjoyed our visit...

Keep up the good work!!

Kartoon Factory's Award

Kartoon' Factory Award

Hey there you, congratulations; we visited your site and got our kicks there, so we'd like to present you with the Kartoon Factory's "It's too Cool" Award for web site excellence!

Proud! Out! Loud! Award

We Were Chosen Proud Out Loud! Web Site of the Week

We Were Chosen Proud Out Loud! Web Site of the Week

Personal Expression Award
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