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Thank you to Everyone who judged our site praiseworthy!

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StoneWall Society Award

stonewall award

You are awarded the StoneWall Society award for "Pride & Equality" on the following criteria: the site content projects a positive model for the G.L.B.T. community; does not practise discrimination toward any group in or outside the G.L.B.T. community; contains excellent GLBT literature with a positive message; offers valuable, pertinent, and interesting information; is entertaining.

The Bald One Of Brooklin Awesome Award


That is really a great page. I can tell that a lot of love and time went into it.



Tue, 8 Feb 2000

Award from Gay Brisbane


11 Feb 2000
Galaxy Rainbow Award
We have reviewed your site and are awarding you our Gold Award.
Congratulations! We think your site is great and a positive spot on the web.
Sat, 15 Apr 2000

"King Of The Jungle" Award

King Of The Jungle

I just got back from visiting your site and thought it was great! You have managed to combine cool content, neat graphics, and easy navigation into a site which has been a pleasure to visit. So...
Congratulations!!!! You have been selected to receive the "King Of The Jungle" award for outstanding excellence in your web page design. Please wear our award with pride as your page deserves it!
Good luck and continued success with your wonderful site!

Fri, 25 Feb 2000

Award from the BookCASE

the Book Case

I just wanted to let you know that yup, you won the award for February 2000, so I'm emailing you the award, and you're now listed on the BookCASE as theFebruary site.
Congrats, and thanks for submitting your site! : )

Eric Case & The CASEkeeper

Mon, 15 May 2000

"Allpride" Pride Award

Allpride Pride Award

hi andrej,

I liked your site a lot! I hope you like your award! :-)

thank you and happy pride season


Fri, 16 June 2000

"G-L-N" Award

GLN Award

Dear Andrej,

The judges decided to bestow the award mainly because your site offers something a little different from mainstream gay sites and you obviously feel very strongly about all of your subject matter.

Robert Stack

Mon, 19 June 2000

Golden Web Award

Congratulations! In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web, your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2000-2001 Golden Web Award.

Sun, 25 June 2000

Great Romantics Award

great romantics

Your site is amazing! I would be so very proud to list it as a winning site in the category of "Great Romantics". You make me proud to know someone who has such a heart for others and for the world. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you a bit better through your site. I hope many others will become acquainted with you as well. Please accept my humble award.
Matters of the Heart

Fri, 28 Jul 2000

Pride of Westhollywood



Your site has been selected to receive the WestHollywood Award for June, 2000. You have displayed excellence in creating a truly great site.

Thank you,


(aka MysteryLadyTx1)

Wed, 25 Oct 2000

Pride & Passion

Pride & Passion Award

After great review, it is my pleasure to welcome you as the newest recipient of the award.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your site. It is a wonderful reflection of what a person with pride and passion in their hearts can accomplish.
With Pride,
Aaron (Advocate20x)

Thu, 30 Nov 2000

Web Choice Award & Noble Spirit Award

Web Gentle TouchNoble Gentle Touch

As a lesbian, a hate crime survivor long before the term "hate crimes" existed, as a writer, and as a woman who cares so much about the world, I can see that you are just as passionate about these things and care just as much as I do.
Please accecpt them for all that you have done and continue to do, to make a difference in this world. These awards cannot be applied for. No link back is required. Just accept them and know that someone out here knows that there is someone else who cares just as much as you do. The last award that is attached is the most difficult one to receive...the Noble Spirit Award. This will be only the 8th to be given out this year since it was created at the beginning of the year.
Again, congradulations!
Gentle hugs and best regards always,
Gentle Touch

Thu, 30 Nov 2000

Rose of Excellence

Excellence Gentle Touch

Thu, 30 Nov 2000

Rose of Compassion

Compassion Gentle Touch

Mon, 2 Apr 2001

2001-2002 Golden Web Award

Golden Web Award

Congratulations! Your web-site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web. You've worked hard. Proudly display your Award.

Fri, 25 May 2001

Tampa Bay Coalition Award

Tampa Bay Coalition

Upon reviewing your web site we wish to acknowledge it's excellence in design, and content. And dedication in making a positive difference in the quality of life of all GLBT People, GLBT Community and Society in whole.
For your dedication, outstanding contribution and efforts we wish to express our deep appreciation and gratitude. Please, accept our thanks on behalf of all those who you have helped and those you will help in future.
We are pleased, proud and honored to add your web site to our "Hall of GLBT Hero's" section of our web site. And send you our Award Banner to display on your web site as acknowledgement of our appreciation and gratitude for your contributions.

Fri, 28 Jun 2002

2001-2002 Golden Web Award


Hello Andrej and Congratulations!

Your site was selected one of's Top 10 most interesting sites today!

You can see a link to your site displayed on

Alex Khodorkovsky ( editor)

Tue, 4 Feb 2003


Hello, congratulations, your site has won the Power In Pride Award.

The Power In Pride Award was created to inspire and recognize those websites and webmasters who honor diversity and show pride for the GLBT community on the internet.

There is Power in Pride!
Thank You!!
Take Care,
Power In Pride Award Staff

Fri, 14 Mar 2003


Thu, 17 Apr 2003

Deco Gold

Congratulations..! On A Job Well Done.

Your Site Has Been Reviewed And Has Been Chosen To Receive The 2003-2004 Gold Deco Award.

Thu, 17 Apr 2003

Extreme Gay Site Award

Extreme Blue Award

Hello Andrej & Matt:
You have a wonderful website, beautiful graphics, and a nice layout and design.
I wish both of you the best of everything :-)

Take care,

Thu, 17 Apr 2003

Web Select Award

Majon Web Select


Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is a WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD"


The Web Select Team

Fri, 18 Apr 2003


gay-days award

Dear Webmaster,
We at GAY-DAYS Awards have reviewed your site and are pleased to offer you our GAY-DAYS award for excellence in webpage design and content! Congratulations, and we look forward to visiting your page often!
Have a GREAT day!

GAY-DAYS Awards Manager

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