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Who is Andrej Koymasky?
I'm just an average guy. I'm a former teacher and an amateur writer.
I lived a quiet life in Kyoto and Tokyo, for nine years. Then I tried to live for a few years in the U.S.A. to discover and understand also the culture of this part of the world and to be near my Matt. But I could remain there just for little less than one year. At present I am back to Italy, even though I'd like to be in the US, near my beloved "sparrow"...
My hobbies include origami, haiku (short Japanese poetry), doing things with my hands (yes, that also, but not just with my hands!), reading, playing at the computer to widen this "virtual home", but above all being able to spend my day with my beloved partner...

Do you wear boxers or briefs?
Usually one or the other but not always (at home, I like to be in the nude), and never both of them at the same time!

What do you wear when you sleep
Most of the time nothing at all, not even my watch, unless it's really cold. In that case, I wear my watch. (hehehe!)

What is your "orientation"?
I'm gay with little bi tendencies (very little!) It took me some time to fully accept that, but living a completely "gay" life made me feel fulfilled. No matter what your orientation is, loving someone and being loved in return is the greatest feeling in the world.

Why do you write your stories?
To share what I believe love is and to help people better understand themselves and the others. I hope to also have some non-gay people among my readers... they (but not only them) could learn something. In fact I received a positive feedback also from some str8 people...

Why do you so graphically depict sex in your stories?
Sex is a beautiful thing, especially when it is performed as an expression of love. Personally, I can't see having sex without any love and respect. If you've never been there, then let me tell you, the uneasiness and dissatisfaction from having sex with someone you don't love is probably the worst thing you'll ever feel (if you don't kill this feeling inside yourself!). But that's just my opinion.

What are your views regarding love and sex with children?
In my opinion, sex without love is not worth it. But love (in the sexual meaning of this word) probably only occurs between two mature people, not from a child to an adult. What the child needs is perhaps a different kind of love. You can deeply love a child, this is a beautiful thing, but you should absolutely not have sex with him, in my opinion.

What are your views regarding S&M, watersport, orgies and the like?
As I said, I think that sex should be an expression of love. How can you love someone and desire to dominate him, or to piss on him, or... No, I can't conceive that. Of course, I respect two adults who choose these kinds of sexual relationships, but... no thank you, they are not for me. And therefore I very seldom write about that.

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Here you can see an excerpt of the article "Honoring The Winners", talking about this site, from the 12/27/99 Issue of "Briefme Magazine".
The "Andrej Koymasky Home" is a wealth of gay literature, with a plethora Koyamsky's love stories at in both English and Italian. The site is not pornographic, although some writings are erotic in content. This heavily-awarded site is divided into easily navigated sections, or "rooms."
Don't miss the "living room" at, for interesting historical texts and images. Koymasky has posted all the necessary warnings to inform visitors of gay content in a very conspicuous manner. If you're interested in gay male sensuality, you'll love the seemingly endless selection here.

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