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I have a spelling checker - It came with my PC
It plainly marks for my revue - Mistakes I cannot sea
I've run this poem threw it - I'm sure your please to no,
It's letter perfect in it's weigh - My checker tolled me sew
-- Richard Lederer --

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If you are of legal age and open to explicit GAY contents, you are welcome! Let us explain what you can find in our home, and feel free to visit any room you like. After surfing the Web for so long, you must be a little tired: don't just look through the key hole; come in, relax and stay with us as long as you please.

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Amici italofoni, se non conoscete l'inglese,
per cortesia andate direttamente all'accoglienza per i lettori italofoni
What's NEW
The Lounge If you want to read Andrej's opinions and other information about gay matters, take a look at:

Andrej's personal Newspaper Andrej's Counseling Desk
GLTB Slang Dictionary Polari/English - English/Polari Dictionary
Four Andrej's Gay Alphabet Andrej's Tarots
Maurice Vellekoop's ABC Book GLTB Symbols
Jokes' Scrapbook Gerard Donelan's Album
Malcolm Lidbury's Album Rafi Perez paintings
Special Friends Pictures The Kokigami Scrapbook
Brokeback Mountain Scrapbook Muybridge - Motion Pictures
Nude Men Alphabet Volker's Naked Men Alphabet
Pinback collection Thai lost boys

July 12 - 2018
added a new Album with the story of the 13 Thai lost boys...
Memorial Hall In memory of: Joseph Doucé, Laki Kal and Mark Bingham

A special section with a wide documentation about the "GAY HOLOCAUST" in Nazi Concentration Camps.

This hall is also dedicated to people who are dead in our days because of HATRED and INDIFFERENCE. In memory of:
Matthew Shepard Robert Sevigny Bobby Griffit
Bruce Michaels Joey Lipitz Jacob Orosco
Barry Winchell Eddie Nordinghton Arthur Warren
Robbie Kirkland Brandon Tenna Steen Fenwich
Barry Jack Gaither Scott Amedure Fred Martinez
Allen Schindler Bill Clayton Julio Rivera
Danny Overstreet Christopher Raynsford Marcus Wayman
Winfield Mowder Gary Matson Mahmoud & Ayaz
Gisberta Charles O. Howard Rashawn Brazell
Scott Asher Gwen Araujo Moloudzadeh
Scotty Joe Weaver Michael Sandy Ali Forney
Ryan Skipper Ahmet Yildiz Sean Kennedy
Steven Simpson Tyler Clementi Billy Lucas
Leelah Alcorn Dirkhising Fernandez

A special section "REMEMBERING ORLANDO" about the 49 people killed on June 12, 2016.

The Living Room In this room we keep our DOCUMENTATION

Here you can find:

Gay Marriage Rite
(Sts. Sergius and Bacchus)
Old Egypt Male Lovers' Tomb
Ulrich's Memorial Book Shakespeare's gay Sonnets
Te Priest and the Accolyte Oscar Wilde's De Profundis
The Old Bailey Proceedings The Three Wilde's Trials
Homoerotic Poems Famous GLTB People
Œdipe by Jean Boullet the Codex Manesse
Fabergé's Easter Eggs Our Crowns Collection
Japanese Family Crests Glœden's pictures
Plüschow's pictures Galdi, D'Agata & Marconi
Erté Alphabet and Numerals dravings of Jean Cocteau
the art of Paul Cadmus drawings by Keith Haring
Tuke and his Boys The Art of Steve Walker
Elisar von Kupffer Mexican gay ex-voto
Our GAY movies list

December 16 - 2019
Added several new poems to the book - "Homoerotic poems"
February 24 - 2019
Totally revised the book - "De profundis" according to the unabridged version
September 28 - 2018
Added several new or better images to the book - "Fabergé's Easter Eggs"
June 24 - 2018
Added several new or better images and data to the book - "Gay Marriage Rite (Sts. Sergius and Bacchus)"
April 8 - 2018
Totally reorganized the book - "Tuke and his Boys" and added a "Models list"
April 4 - 2018
Added new crowns and reorganized the book - "Our Crowns Collection"
Guest Room If you would like to read some of our good Friends poems (in English) or novels (in Italian), Note: we don't accept requests for links...
Added the novel by Mana "Blue Lilium - Better than me" (In italian)
16th May 2016 -Added the novel by Mana "Blue Lilium - Wondering" (In italian)
The Library Here we collect the 166 GAY LOVE STORIES that Andrej wrote over the last 20 years. They are mainly in Italian, but Andrej is currently translating them into English, French, and German, with the help of some kind native speaker friends.

Come back here often, because this is the most frequently updated section, with new stories in Italian or translated into English, French or German...

You can also see a list of all my stories and translations.

If you want to read more of Andrej's stories translated into English, French, German, or other languages, please help him
to revise his English and French translations or send him your German (or other languages) translations... and send him an e-mail...

zipepubYou can read my stories on-line, or download them as a zip file or as an e-book in ePub format.

Here you can see all the "alternative covers" sent by our friends (would you like to send us your drawing for our stories' covers?)

December 31 - 2019
Added a new story (in French)
"Lauréat. la Maison Leonardi et Fils"
December 5 - 2019
Added a new story (in French)
"De lumineuses rencontres"
October 5 - 2019
Added a new story (in French)
"La villa mystérieuse"
September 29 - 2019
Added a new story (in French)
September 19 - 2019
Added a new story (in French)
"Les memoirs secrètes de Lord Moriesson"
The Workshop
and Games Room
And here you can find and get for free, Gay Graphics, symbols, themes (backgrounds, buttons, bars) and animations for your home page, that Andrej collected or (mainly) made. There are also some drawings that we like. And we added some games in our "Games-Room"!
Our Bedroom Here we keep our stats, documents, stories, secrets and so on... From here you can also send us an Email!. We love receiving comments from you!
Here you can also find our Memberships; the beautiful Awards we have got, and the Causes we support.

The Logos
to Link to us
Several friends asked us for a Logo to link to our page, so we prepared several of them, of various sizes and styles. If you want one, please go, choose and download it.
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