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1 Sunday, January 12, 2014 1 2 1
1 Gold morning, just finished reading your Story "Nur eine Märchen?"!
Thank you for it ! Wonderfull written and very good translated!

I am a old married man (65) and Grandfather. After some years oft marriage I did start to think ab about mens and did have also some occasion to meet them!
I was also thinking ab about real Love and my fantasy is gone always moore and moore in this direction! So, I startend to write the same like you do it and I am happy with! When I am without a friend I am thinking to find a story and can write a long time in the story! And I can also living with the fantasy and I do not feel alone!

New I habe found this stories in silverdaddies and I see that I am not alone with my fantasy!
So, I will go ahead with this!

But my style is not good enough to put the stories into public, I guess you could see that already?

Hope to read more about you?

Best wishes,
Chrigeli from switzerland

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1 Wednesday, October 3, 2012 1 1 1
1 "Nur eine Märchen?" is really a good and substancefull story. I cannot remember another short story in the last months I liked so much, there are so many components, fairy tale, even some science fiction, and the leading characters are well formed, especially the strong and hard father of Martino. The narration is good, there are no moments of lacking tension, and even in the very last minutes there comes again a new short story - the story of Sandro and Giovanni, able to fill an own short story.

The style is excellent, and the sexual moments are full of details, but in a certain sense "chaste" - it's not at all a story for literaric voyeurs looking for "juicy moments". Except from few passages it could as well appear in a rather normal magazine, American writers risked sometimes much more.

In few words: you can spend two hours much worse than with the lecture of this story - in which language ever...

Which moments were my favourites ? Of course the first meeting in the ruins, the happiness of the young lovers in the middle of the nature. It is pure joy.

Thanks, Klaus

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