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1 Mittwoch, 10. April 2013 1 3 1
1 Dear Mr Koymasky,

I did read by surprise your story "Der Goldkäfig" - The Golden Gage?

It is a touching story ... I had to use more often a tissue ... :-) ... But I was torn into that story. Despite the German wording. It is pardon me - strange. The translator, is not a German native speaker I guess.

As I am a former student of history I have thought it would be a story, because of the wording, that was located in the time of the Late Reanissance up to the French Revolution. I was surprised when I read of 1885. So it is the Belle Epoque.

The travelling to the chateau about a distance of 120km couldn't be done within the time you wrote. Not with cars of those days and not with horse carriages. A minor.

best wishes
Gerd W.

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1 Montag, 20. August 2012 1 2 1
1 Hi, Andrej,

this is really a little bit fantastic: looking for another website I entered these nifty stories, first the English titles and found then this complete set in German, my own language: "Der Goldkäfig".

Almost the first story is fine and hot, and maybe it's just this strange German, a little bit biblical language !
To read in these words about the first penetration of the hero was so funny that I had to come ...

I'll continue reading your stories, and I hope to get more fun -

Greetings from Berlin, Germany


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1 Donnerstag, 14. August 2012 1 1 1
1 Hi Andrej,

thank you very much for posting your story "Der Goldkäfig" (The Golden Cage"). This is just like a fairytale! I couldn't stop to read.

Günther from Germany

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