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1 Saturday, 26 December 2009 1 6 1
1 Thanks for so many wonderful stories!

I have just finished reading your "My Ten Models." The many episodes are all very thrilling and it was great to find Shaun at last finding love as well as sex.

Prior to that I read with fascination your "Infamous Trade" where I was held spellbound by your ability to give such believeable detail to a story involving so many locales and such a diverse number of characters of so many nationalities and occupations credibility.

Your creation of historical circumstances and environments impressed me in other stories. You are truly a learned man and a great master of human psychology. You deserve endless curtain calls and BRAVOS!

Thanks for the enrichment you bring to the art of telling stories about men who like and love men!

Harrison, Alabama, USA

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1 Thurday, 15 March 2007 1 5 1
1 Hi Andrej

I am reading your story, Infamous Trade, I had to stop and tell you it is awsome. It is hot. It is so sensuosus and sexual, from the cover photo - wow, to your description of total pleasure that Chem takes over those boys.

You paint a beautiful vision with words, golden hair, smooth, hairless bodies! Then you sandwich that in the danger of your dark plot. I love it. It stirs me as much as Pluschow's boys!

It is also exciting to know that a great guy like you is still working on his awsome website.


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1 Friday, 19 August 2005 1 4 1
1 hey there pips!

hope u two are doin good!
i've read 4 of andrej's works,
epistolary, happy christmas neil and norman, dear eugenio and infamous trade, the first three i've read too many times i lost count already. loved em, especially epistolary.

BIG thanks for sharing ur works man, same goes for the translator, kudos to ya both!

max from philippines

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1 Thursday, 20 July 2004 1 3 1
1 Andrej, Infamous Trade! It is another Great tale of yours.

I have Enjoyed your Beautiful tales for years. Ever since I hooked up to the internet & found your first stories on Nifty I have loved them. I then discovered your web site & began my liking & respecting you as a man not just an Authour. I have so much respect & admiration for you.

I was So happy to read about you & Matt falling in love. I pray & wish, you both, True Happiness Forever!

You have 112 stories. 76 are not translated into English yet. I have read all 36 translated into English more than once. I can't wait until more of the 76 are translated.

Each of your Beautiful adventures has taught me something valuable.

My favourite is Italian Brothers 1 The Corporal. The love between Enzo & Ruggiero is just full of such passion, devotion, loyalty, innocence, humility, strength & weakness. I have read this Love story 5 times.

I have other favourites as well.
I love Chipi, Dear Eugenio, I, The President's Son, King of Sitges, 7 Brothers For Mel Baxter, Snot Boy & We Are Presumed To Be Enemies.

In Snot Boy & Chipi I love the role or power reversal of the two main characters. I just love that it doesn't affect there love for each other.

I think we all dream & long for True Love & I had that for 15 years. Your romances touch my heart & soul.

I know that your writings have been translated by a number of different people & now Matt. If I may be so bold as to mention that you always had them translated with that certain amount of "broken English." This adds a foreign & allusive quality to your romantic adventures. For me, a Canadian, it enhances the romance.

Your web page is Absolutely Fantastic. I now visit the Hunger Site everyday to in my small way help. I found that while exploring your web site.

While trying to bring an end to my email, to you before I bore you, maybe my Favourite tale is you & Matt finding each other. That is ironic but maybe your true life romance & meeting of two souls is the Best.
Thank you Andrej for Many & Many hours of Learning & Enjoyment. I will continue reading your stories new & old. You are a Bright light in my life.

Now you & Matt are also a Bright light in my life.


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1 Wednesday, 18 September 2002 1 2 1
1 Hi Andrej,

I just finished reading Infamous Trade.

Great Story.


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1 Sunday, 25 August 2002 1 1 1
1 I just finished reading the story "Infamous Trade" on the Nifty Archives and wanted to write and thank you. I liked the way it all came together, the fact that Terry didn't get hurt (other than losing his parents), and the surprise, happy ending of Kevin finding a lover in Elton. Mystery, travel, war episodes, boy love..... this story had it all.

Thanks again and take care.


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