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1 Tuesday, 7 May 2013 1 3 1
1 Andrej,

"Luminous Encounters" is a story of calm evolution, without particular contrasts, without drama, which culminates in the love of a young man for a mature man. I really liked the similarity that gives rise to the title of the story.

One thing that I appreciate in your stories is that they are very different from one another, even with regard to the amount of pathos, emotions that you pour into it. And different styles, apt to each story.

In short, I can say that you are a valuable writer, worthy of being published on paper and sold in bookstores.


1 Friday, 23 March 2007 1 2 1
1 Hi Andrej;

I just finished "Luminous Encounters" WOW! Another Excellent tale of yours!
I will never comprehend how you manage to excite me and teach me very important lessons with each of your writings.
As I have said to you before you have a gift - one that you have explored and nurtured into something even greater.
I frequently check your web page for new English translations of your stories.
Each time there is another I get excited as I know I will be enriched having read it.

Thank you so Very Much!
Take care of yourself, Please.


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1 Sunday, 11 March 2007 1 1 1
1 Hello Andrej,

I had a fairly negative reaction to your Luminous Encounters story but that is a shortcoming of mine - I don't enjoy socio-sexual philosophy, even less contemplating the infinite, in a gay erotic story. The strong storyline that is a feature of so many of your stories was missing so there was little to keep me on the edge of my seat waiting impatiently for the next chapter.

For my taste there was too much of what in English is called 'purple prose' which is often written for the author, not the reader.

On the other hand the characters were totally plausible, indeed likeable. The riverbank scenes with the secluded island was very well drawn and eventually the place felt quite familiar. The Prof's apartment was certainly a high point.

Except for my first point above, I enjoyed this story.

With sincere best wishes,


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