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1 Tuesday, 22 July 2008 1 4 1
1 Inheritance is a nice tale, Andrej. Thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us.


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1 Sunday, 01 June 2008 1 3 1
1 Hi Andrej,

thank you for the id and password. I did sign in this afternoon and read all of "The Inheritance. You certainly put some unexpected events into the story. I really enjoyed it and jacked off while reading the story.

I remember some Italian. I was surprised to see the heading in Italian for my email to you. I was able to read it.

The only sexy word that I can remember is cazzo.


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1 Saturday, 31 May 2008 1 2 1
1 I have been reading "the inheritance on nifty and am enjoying it.

You have some good translators. I lived in Roma for two years and really enjoyed seeing so much of Italia. I had a job putting into American English technical manuals written by Italians who then in Italia then translated the words into English. My Italian is poco.


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1 Tuesday, 27 May 2008 1 1 1
1 Hello Andrej,

I just read the first part of your story "The Inheritance" and as I liked it very much I couldn't resist to use your link to go to your webpage.

Oh my, that's very intersting! I sure have to check your online museum and I already checked your Memorial Hall because I am German and I still wonder how Hitler could convince my people to murder millions of their friends and neighbors - because this have been the Jews, the homosexuals, the communists before they got deported - and nobody stood up for them. Though I was born after the war it scares me that it was so easy for Hitler to make people believe it was right to kill others only for their faith or their sexual or political orientation and that he found so many to do it!

I can't read much about the recent hate crime victims because it makes me so sad and upset. Fortunately Germany is very gay friendly now, a lot of politicians are openly gay. I hope it is the same in Italy. I suppose you are Italian or at least live in Italy?

Andrej, I'd really like to read your stories. I hope that you are not offended that I'm a straight woman, don't ask me why I like to read gay erotica - I don't know it myself. I first read gay erotica on brokebackmountain fandom: Like many I couldn't take this devastating ending, my little romantic heart almost broke. Then with some copyright issues - one of my brokie friend's story was stolen and posted on nifty - I came to nifty and there I found the section beginnings. They have some great stories there I really like and yours intrigued me as well.

Thank you very much

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