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1 Sunday, 1 September 2013 1 4 1
1 Andrej

The Strolling Players is a story that brought me back over the centuries, and made me taste the life of traveling actors. What is certain is that, in some respects, it was easier to cross borders in those times than now.

I really enjoyed the adventures, ranging from England, to Ireland, to France to get to Savoy ... There is the rambling life of the traveling actors, there is imprisonment in the Tower of London, there it's the war, the intrigue ... there's everything! A big thank you, Andrej!


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1 Monday, 16 March 2009 1 3 1
1 Hi Andrej

I have just read The Boss' Toy story.

Once again I found it to be very well written and put together with just the right mixture of excitement and sex. I would have liked to follow the story further but it reached its natural conclusion. I shall now read your other stories with great anticipation.

I think I read Strolling Players a year or so ago but will have great pleasure in re acquainting myself with it.


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1 Wednesday, 22 October 2008 1 2 1
1 Dear Sir.

Just to say how much I am enjoying 'The Strolling Players'. I understand it's one of your older stories, I look forward to finding and reading some newer work.

Thank you.
Alan, Nottingham, England.

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1 Friday, 26 September 2008 1 1 1
1 Hello Andrej,

Some time back you gave me a key to your website which I appreciated, though I have not been there for a while now.

I have been following the story The Strolling Players and enjoying it, but I cannot help noticing occasional problems with the English, a big one is the use of "knell" (something like the bell being struck to tell people something) and what you intended as "kneel" (to support oneself on the knees). I would be happy to check the English in your stories before you publish them if that would help you.



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