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1 Sunday, 13 July 2014 1 3 1
1 Andrej,

In the very good story "I was robbed, or was I?" I liked the figure of Sebastiano, the handsome thief: you describe him so well that I seem to see him. Yes, a beautiful story, short but quite hot. A story with only two characters, all focused on them, therefore particularly intense.

It is an original way to take revenge on an unexpected thief ... provided that this is as beautiful as Sebastiano is, who would not fall into temptation !?


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1 Saturday, 05 June 2010 1 2 1
1 Hi,

I have read quiet a few from your website. They are "a spy can be in love"; "I was robbed, or was I?"; "a fairy tale?"; "the odd couple"; "I, the presidents son"; and "international secret service". All of these were amazing stories to read and I have now been hooked to your stories.

I have only found your stories about a week ago but i spend all my free time reading them. I even get so carried away that sometimes I have even steyed up till 4:00am to finish a story as I do not want to stop reading.

Hope all is well.


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1 Monday, 30 November 2009 1 1 1
1 My dear Andrej,

It is with great pleasure that I come to you again. I have a question on making comments. I have read several other of you stories, most notably, "I was robbed, or was I?", and have found them not only enjoyable but also enlightening as they open doors in my mind where I have never looked before.

You have made me aware 'fate and destiny' are not exactly automatically obtained - we must act on circumstances as they avail themselves to us. One door you have opened for me is to enjoying who I am and the love I may share with others. You are a very special person and just knowing you enriches my life. Let me know about my comments (they are all good).

With my heart felt thanks and love,


PS: May you ever have the happiness and love you bless the people in your stories with. Hugs,

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