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1 Thursday, September 29, 2016 1 3 1
1 Hi Andrej!

I'd like to thank you for your wonderful stories, which I've been reading for the last 15 years (I'm 28 now). There is plenty of gay literature available on the web but yours is unique, rich, well thought and moving!

Last year I discovered print-on-demand websites (I usually use, which allows one to create real books for quite cheap prices. I always wanted to read your stories in a book so I made one book (only one, for my own private use, due to obvious copyright reasons) of your "Mar Swooney" saga - my favourite -, using the LaTeX editor to do the layout. I wanted to show you the final book and here it is (see the attached photos) :) it's the french traduction, on which I made some minor spelling corrections throughout the text. I'm currently working on vol. 3 and 4, which I'll print in a second book.

Maybe you should create an account on one of these print-on-demand websites and publish your books on paper! I think your awesome work deserves to be read in real books ;)

Thank you again for your work!

Best Regards

Adrien (from Switzerland)

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1 Thursday, 06 January 2011 1 2 1
1 Most of the time I read your stories in french version. You are very talented. With you, we travel to Japon from USA and in Italy.

Which of your stories do I like best ? Hard to tell.

The "white and black", with the Pianist who fall in love for a black cop: wonderful.

Then, most of the little stories about sommer love in "Beach Tales" and particulary with Gino and Dario... and also the one at the end of the sommer when two men stay with their desire find that they can have fun and more toghether, the one with the friends in the vestiaire and the other with friends who pass their exams ... almost all of thoses stories where pretty good.

Alberto and Stefano, the mecano and the student... delicious,

You can write and describe feelings so corectly that I just cant stop reading. I still waiting for the last part of the aventure of "Mar Swooney" or must I say of his Son.

You have so fabulous stories that, I'll certainly forget some of them even if they are not less interesting.

Which one I dislike ? It's was a too sad one :the "Dinosaures are hard to die". Two students in english school and one have been betrayed by his brother and comited suicide... this one was not funny... but correctly write.

I think that you're very talented. I have almost forget to tell you about "The Tide Man" the one of a japanese student who fall in love for a fisherman was ..... a Super great one.

I just think that you could write more stories whith two mature men ( 30 why not 40. ) I dont know why is always two yongs men or a yong and mature even in movies. Men are also very sexy and they dont needs to pair every time with a young boy.

Ok. I leave the master return to his masterpieces.

Thank again.

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1 Thursday, 11 March 2010 1 1 1
1 Hello.

I never thought I could send you a note.

I used to read some of your novels "in french". They are most of the time pretty good, and among all, the graetest was among "Beach tales" so nice with deep feeling sometimes.

I'm not writing this to tell you how good you're , I think that you already knew it.

I was just wondering Why, you wanna do as in Mar Swooney Saga: Vokka, and give up a job that was obviously in a good way... my comparaison is not so good Vokka did'nt find that his father job was in good way. Hi hihihi.

The novel "Mar Swooney Saga" that I read in French, is really a good job.
I dont like all the part on it, but some parts were "Fantastique"

The change that the burglar make for the love was so lovely, the loyalty of Moder my favorite character, (before Vokka and the Kresthian friend of Mar,) was a great time of the book.

The way you describe the burial of Tova is pretty similar with the way in a certain part of africa I know, twins funeral ceremonies going on... and even if it's was a gay heros... the best love stories was hetero... I wonder why? In a certain way, gay autor who's describing gay life style as the only and the best are not always among my favorites. But I really find that hetero love stories you describing are more with feelings that most of gay one which most of the time are purely sexual.
Just a point of view

anyway a so great job deserve his end.

With my respect and my consideration

A french reader... To excuse my chaotic english

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1 1 0 1
1 I've already translated all the chapters of this saga into English, but I couldn't find somebody ready to revise my English translation, therefore I can't put it on-line.

I understand that revising more than 80 chapters is a really heavy job... But if you want to read also this one of my stories, and if you have time and are daring, please offer me your help for revising the whole story. Up to now, only my French friends were so brave to translate all the story into French...

Thank you in advance


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