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1 Monday, 28 December 2015 1 4 1
1 andrej

"chaki the moor" - I liked this story a lot. rhèmy and chaki have gone through a lot of the misadventures, but despite this they continue to love each other more than before, this shows how love overcomes difficulties and that it does not matter if you are a rich or a poor man, or an intelligent or a stupid woman, a strong or a weak guy, the love is a wonderful thing that lifts you and takes you away.

a quite sad story, but at the same time exciting I would say. the happy ending softens the tension luckily, because it would seem that nothing goes well to thenpoor boys.


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1 Saturday, 19 June 2010 1 3 1
1 Hi Andrej

I have been looking at previous works of your that I have read - and enjoyed - recently

The History of Chaki the Moor
International Secret Service
The Other Part of the World

They are all good - I maybe enjoyed International Secret Service a little more - with an Asian connection.

I am sorry to say that I have not written much in the past to praise an authors work.

I have always been an avid reader - before the Internet I used to read daily, more than watching television. Since the internet, I have been able to read more stories with a gay theme.

Yours - I enjoy because they have a story - they are not just descriptive sex, and the story length of around 12 chapters - make them a similar size to a short novel - my reading preference. (I have in the past managed to read every Maigret story by Georges Simenon - the story length seems simliar)

My only regret is that there are not enough hours in a day to read all the stories that I would like to.

Best wishes


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1 Saturday, 19 December 2009 1 2 1
1 Just finished the story "Chaki the Moor", I was led back to your website from Nifty.

I just LOVED the story and your characters were very believable. I was quite worried at times if they were going to live or not.

Regards Bob

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1 Saturday, 12 December 2009 1 1 1
1 Andrej:

I have now read the postings of your new story on nifty "Chaki the Moor".

Once again, I do like your writing as you have a way of letting your reader really get to know the characters - their feelings, fears, hopes, reactions, joys, hurts, etc. etc. I now know Chaki very well and this enhances my interest in the story! THANKS!

Kent D. (sw Ohio area)

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