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1 Wednesday, 22 June 2011 1 1 1
1 Andrej,

I've been reading your stories for one or two years. I've been meaning to email you telling you how I feel about your stories but I never did for some reason. So here I am doing what I've wanted to do ages ago.

The first story of yours that I read was "A Spy Can Be in Love". It is a brilliant and exotic story. The first time I came across this story was in Nifty Archive, and I thought the writer were Russian. You used a lot of Russian names and some phrases that I think sounds Russian - like: "I too also...", "I too desire you" etc. But then I realized it happens in nearly all your other stories too.

Right after that I read "International Secret Services", which features a multiracial thieve born in Hong Kong. I like this story because I could fantasize myself as him because I was also born in Hong Kong and I'm his age.

Then I read many others of your stories. And the story I like most is "The Other Part of the World". It is a charming story set in Brazil -- the other part of the world. The story gives an unexpected twist when all the characters meet and the different story lines in the beginning that I thought was independent merge. The underlying meaning of the story is deepen by the line "life is taking on the left and giving on the right".

Now, I've finnished reading you latest story -- "The Office Boy", with the help of Google Translate. Unfortunately, I don't understand a darn thing about Italian or French and all your latest stories are yet to be translated into English. The story has a happy-ending like all your other stories I've read. And what Rocco says in the end is the best part of the story. That "sex is like literature, sometimes if you use the right words you can compose a pleasing prose, but it is love that translates it into a beautiful poetry" -- at least that's what I understand from Google Translate.

So, I think I'll stop now, it's 2:00 in the morning. I look forward to more of your stories translated into English.

Best wishes,


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