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Name Hen Egg with Sapphire Pendant

Date 1886

Provenance Presented by Alexander III to Czarina Maria Fyodorovna

Made in St. Petersburg

Work-master N/A

Marks N/A

Media gold, diamonds, diamond cut rose, sapphire

Size N/A

Techniques N/A

Kept in The storage place at present isn't known, this egg is considered lost

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egginUnfortunately, it is one of the lost eggs. No information concerning this egg is known, except that a surprise - the hen has been made of gold and inlaid by brilliants of a facet a rose. In its beak there was a sapphire egg.

On Easter Sunday, the reigning Czar would present an Imperial Egg to his wife. Fabergé's Imperial Egg designs became the object of great anticipation by the Imperial Court, whom Fabergé delighted in surprising with Imperial Eggs each more magnificent than the last. The Egg has no visible Fabergé markings.

inOn Easter morning, Fabergé delivers to the palace what appears to be a simple enameled egg. But to the delight of the Empress, inside is a golden yolk; within the yolk is a golden hen with ruby eyes. The surprise was a hen taking an egg out of a wicker basket. There is a debate over whether the hen should be made of silver or gold; whether the egg should be fastened to the hen's beak or loose, and whether the wicker basket should be made of gold and decorated with precious stones.

His wife's delight is all the Czar needs to reward Fabergé with a commission for an Easter egg every year. The requirements are straightforward: each egg must be unique, and each must contain a suitable surprise for the Empress. With consummate craftsmanship and an inventive spirit, Fabergé repeatedly meets the challenge, borrowing inspiration from the gilded lives of the Czar and Czarina.

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