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Name Colonnade Egg

Date 1910

Provenance Presented by Nicholas II to Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna

Made in St. Petersburg

Work-master Henrik Wigström

Marks Fabergé in cyrillic, H. W., 56, kokoshnik

Media pale-green bowenite, platinum, gold, silver, diamonds

Size 28,6 cm tall

Techniques carving, enamel

Kept in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Collection
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eggIt is a deeply romantic piece surmounted by a silver-gilt Cupid on a dome of opalescent pink enamel around which is a series of numbers in rose diamonds. The principal material used for the colonnade is pale-green bowenite, witch is beautifully worked in the base and the six columns wich are the principal part of the design; the whole object is richly embellished with four silver-gilt cherubs at the base, representing Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, the Romanov daughters, and floral swags in different colours of gold. The clock dial below the cupid is set with rose diamonds. This was truly a temple of love given from Czar Nicholas II to his beloved wife.

Designed as a temple of love, this clock egg commemorates the birth of the long awaited heir to the throne, Alexei, in 1904. A silver-gilt cupid, a representation of the tsarevich, surmounts the gold Egg, which is enameled in opalescent pale pink and isencircled by a broad band of a white enameled dial, set with rose-cut diamond numerals. The little gold cupid originally had a twig in his hands that pointed the the our. Two platinum doves are perched within the circle of the columns.

There has been confusion for a long time, over whether the Colonnade Egg was the companion piece for the 1907 Love Trophies Egg, as both Eggs were thought to celebrate the birth of the heir. Recent research however indicates that this Egg was presented to Alexandra in 1910.

inApparently there is no "surprise" coming wiyh this egg, as with all the clock-eggs.

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