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Wigsrtrom Wigstrom smallBorn in Tammisaari, Finland, Henrik Wigström was apprenticed to a local silversmith, Petter Madsen.

He travelled to St Petersburg and in 1884 was taken on by Perkhin as a journeyman, becoming his most valued assistant.

Henrik Wigström inherited the Perkhin workshop after the death of his friend in 1903, and became the third and last senior workmaster responsible for most of the Tsar Imperial Easter eggs for the years 1904-1917.


Wigström was particularly adept at designing cigarette boxes, frames and figurines, which were produced in large number during the firm's most productive years. Wigström's style is characterized by echoes of the Louis XVI and Empire periods.

He used different colored golds in his works. The various colors are made through the addition of copper, silver, zinc, iron, etc., to form an alloy, for example, green gold is 75 parts of pure gold to 25 parts of silver.

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