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Name Ocean Egg

Date 1996

Work-master Theo Fabergé

Media vermeil, ruby, lead crystal

Size 13,5 cm tall

Techniques enamel, painting

Edition 500 pieces

Value US$ 3,750

Kept in Private collection
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The Ocean Egg, a creation by Theo Fabergé depicting the mysterious marine life within the deep swaying waters of the ocean. The Egg, made of 24% lead crystal with delicately hand painted aquatic grasses in 23 carat gold, gently surround the colourful tropical fish. The red and white clown fish has discovered treasure, a faceted ruby, lifted out of the sand by the swirling current on the seabed.

Looking through the Egg, a shy Sea Horse can be seen hidden amongst the swaying leaves.

The Egg is offset with the Imperial Russian Crown in vermeil with a cabochon ruby and stands on an ornamentally turned 24 carat gilded decorative base.

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