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Peter Adair
(November 22, 1943 - June 27, 1996) U.S.A.

Peter Adair

Documentary maker


Peter Adair was an openly gay independent documentary filmmaker. He is best known for his documentary Word is Out, and he was the first to create a feature documentary that portrayed homosexuals in a positive light. Peter's lesbian sister Nancy and their mother Casey wrote the book "Word is out", which contains the text of the interviews in the documentary.

His film Holy Ghost People was called by lesbian anthropologist Margaret Mead "one of the best ethnographic films ever made".

He died of AIDS related complications at the age of 52, in San Francisco.


His films include:

  • Holy Ghost People (1967)
  • Word is out (1977)
  • Some of These Stories Are True (1981)
  • Stopping History (1983)
  • The AIDS Show (1986)
  • Absolutely Positive (1990) made after he tested positive for HIV
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