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Shonagh Adelman
(1961 - living) Canada

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Visual artist


As a contemporary feminist artist, Shonagh Adelman reveals her gift of visually exploring intellectual ideas. Her interest in representing the female image in our culture has become a decades' long investigation that has fostered lectures, books, photography, painting and art criticism. By utilizing images of women in cliched poses, Adelman succeeds in confronting us with our own pre-conceived ideas and stereotypes.

Shonagh Adelman's latest body of work is striking in its beauty. With a florescent palette, the images of lovely young women, in typically seductive and provocative poses, force us to think about our natural responses. As thoughts of fashion magazines, beauty pageants, and the dangers of over sexualized female adolescents swirl through our heads, we still sense the artist's obvious attraction to the female form.

As writer, critic, political activist, and visual artist, Shonagh Adelman aims to reframe the notion of gender in representation. Her inclusion in prestigious collections and exhibitions attests both to the quality of the artwork, and the persistent imperative of her viewpoint. San Francisco is lucky to have this native Canadian artist in its midst. One can only wonder what took her so long to get here.


Source: Ariel Englander - Westport, Connecticut

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