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Francilia Agar
(1976 - living) Dominica - Canada

Francilia Agar

Olimpic swimmer


University of Ottawa music student, she is also a painter, choral director, musician, and English teacher in Korea; possessing dual citizenship, she represented her home country of Dominica in the 50-metre freestyle at the 2000 Syndey Olympics, and she came in at 29.9 seconds.

Agar says she was first attracted to women in Dominica, but society there is very conservative. Just a few friends back home know she's had relationships with women. She says thing are improving gradually for openly gay and lesbian athletes:

"They were pretty open in Australia. You did see couples here and there in dance clubs. I wouldn't say on the street you would see people holding hands or kissing, but I think it was pretty free."


Photo courtesy of Shawn Scallen of http://www.scallen.com

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