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Alfredo Agostinelli
(1887 - May 30, 1914) Italy

Alfredo Agostinelli



Alfredo AgostinelliProust was in love with Alfredo, a young chauffeur of italian birth, a bisexual young man who also made love with women, and this made Proust extremely jealous. They first met at Carbourg in the summer after the death of Proust's mother. Agostinelli was eighteen, ingratiating and charming, honest and intelligent.

A year or two later they met again and Proust was struck by the extraordinary ripening of his natural intelligence. They became lovers; but Proust's love was possessive. Agostinelli felt too confined in Proust's apartment and with his possessivenes. So he fled to the south of France, thanks also to Proust's generosity, entered a flying school, made rapid progress, and on a solo flight, too soon, plunged into the sea, and died.

Agostinelli was married, and Proust let his wife live with him, and helped her considerably after Agonstinelli's death in a flying accident.


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