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Bojan Aleksov
(? - living) Yugoslavia

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Bojan Aleksov, a Serb gay man from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, was detained from 8pm on 7 July to 7pm on 8 July 2000, after being forcibly removed from his car by members of the State Security Service and taken to the central police station in Belgrade. During this 23-hour period he was repeatedly threatened with death.

He was questioned about his involvement with a Belgrade-based women's anti-war organization, Women in Black, and a project based in Budapest that defends the rights of conscientious objectors from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The interrogators told Bojan Aleksov that they knew about his "support for deserters" and that those who associated with particular activists from Bosnia-Herzegovina "were idiots and enemies of our own country."

"They said that I was being paid with foreign funds, and that the grant [for humanitarian work from a foundation in the West] was just a cover for intelligence and anti-state activities."

Bojan says he was severely beaten during the interrogation, which lasted for almost 24 hours. He was told that police would fabricate a story about his death.

"They continually yelled and swore at me, calling me various insulting names, most often peder [homosexual]. At one point one of the interrogators took out a large car key and dangled it in front of my eyes and said that it would be a good fit (up my arse)."

Bojan was released after he was coerced into signing a statement that said that he and a Women in Black activist had been involved in intelligence activities and had been working to undermine the defence capabilities of Yugoslavia. He was also coerced into agreeing to work for the State Security service as an informer, but fled the country immediately, fearing what else might happen to him. Bojan is now in Germany and appealing for political asylum.


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