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James Robert Baker
(October 18, 1946 - November 5, 1997) U.S.A.

James Robert Baker

Novelist, film-maker


Born in Long Beach, California, Baker trained at the UCLA film school and won the Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award. After working for five years as a film-maker and screenwriter in the film industry he became disillusioned with it and abandoned it in 1986 to concentrate on writing. During the 1990s he became frustrated at the time it was taking to get new work published, and his finances started to dwindle. Clinical depression developed and he was prescribed medication, although he disliked taking the drugs and often did not do so.

His life partner, Ron Robertson, came home one day to find that James Robert Baker had hung himself. (There were rumours that James Robert Baker's suicide was related to HIV or AIDS but Ron Robertson confirmed that his partner was not HIV positive.) Baker died in Los Angeles. Ron Robertson inherited James Robert Baker's works and continued to try to get further novels and screenplays published.


His work include:


  • Adrenaline (1985)
  • Fuel-Injected Dreams (1986)
  • Boy Wonder (1988)
  • Tim and Pete (1993)
  • Right Wing (published on the internet)
  • This is Serious (1997)
  • Testosterone (2000)


  • Mouse Klub Konfidential, 1976.
  • Blonde Death.

Web site: http://jamesrobertbaker.com/

Excerpts from: The Knitting Circle, U.K. - http://www.sbu.ac.uk/stafflag/people.html

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