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Honoré de Balzac
(1799 - 1850) France

Honoré de Balzac



Honoré de BalzacSome of his novels and short stories contain representations of lesbian and gay relationship, though the extent to which he himself had homosexual tendencies remain uncertain.

The memoirs of one contemporary, Philarète Chasles, suggest that Balzac had homosexual leanings, and his letters register strong fellings for some of the young men who were his protégés and whose career he sought to furter in his later life.

After completing his legal studies in 1819 Balzac turned to writing fiction, which became his career. He wrote prodigiously, producing more than ninety novels, which revealed him to be an acute observer of French society.


Some of his works:

  • Sarrasine (1830)
  • Le Père Goriot (Father Goriot, 1835)
  • La fille aux yeux d'or (The Girl with the Golden Eyes, 1835)
  • Illusions perdues (Lost Illusions, 1843)
  • Splendeurs et misères de courtisanes (Highs and Lows of Harlots, 1947)

Source: excerpts from: Gabriele Griffin, Who's Who in Lesbian and Gay and Writing, Routledge, London, 2002

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