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Moe Bandy
(February 12, 1944 - living) U.S.A.

Moe Bandy



Moe was born in Meridian, Mississippi. Bandy might have come to love country music because of the influence of Jimmie Rodgers, who worked with Bandy's grandfather on the railroad. At the age of six, Bandy and his family moved from Meridian to San Antonio, Texas, where Bandy was raised through his teenage years. Bandy experienced bronco busting and bull riding during his teenage years. During the 1970's Moe Bandy made a hit in the country music world.

Moe BandyBandy's music consisted of songs about drinking, divorce, cheating, love and passion, all the things that are expressed through country music. Bandy's country music first made a big hit in Britain in 1978. From there he was a guest star from time to time at the Grand Ole Opry, but he was never a regular member. Critics say that Bandy made his big break in the late 1970's but rapidly fell back down on the charts. Critics suggest that a return to his roots was needed.

In 1986 Bandy turned over a new leaf, he switched record labels and changed producers. Bandy's new sound of music was up-to-date honky tonk. His new style still did not bring a rise for him on the music charts. In 1989 Bandy introduced his song Americana at George Bush's Presidential Inauguration, and this became Bush's theme song. Soon after this, Bandy opened the Moe Bandy Americana Theatre in Branson, Missouri. Bandy would often perform his music in his theatre but during the 90's his theatre was more popular than his music.


Major Albums

  • I jsut Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today (1974)
  • It Was Always So Easy (1975)
  • Bandy the Rodeo Clown (1975)
  • Just Good Ol' Boy (1979)
  • Hey Joe!/Hey Moe! (1981)
  • She's Not Really Cheatin' - She's Just Devoted to Your Memory (1982-1983)
  • Where's the Dress (1984)
  • Live from Bad Bob's, Memphis (1985)
  • You Haven't Heard the Last of Me (1987)
  • No Regrets (1988)
  • Many Mansions (1989)
  • Live in Branson Mo. Usa (1993)
  • Picture in a Frame (1995)
  • Gospel Favorites (1995)
  • Country Christmas (1996)
  • Act Naturally (1997)
  • Branson City Limits (live) (1999)
  • Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2000)
  • Moe & Joe - Good Ol' Boys-Alive & Well (2000)
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