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Ellen Marie Barrett
(February 10, 1946 - living) U.S.A.

Ellen Marie Barrett

Episcopalian priest


American Episcopal priest, the first open lesbian to be ordained, in 1977, by Bishop Paul Moore Jr. of New York.

The Rev. Ellen Barrett

"If the Church is to be a house of prayer for all people, then gay people belong in it, too. And if love is what the church is all about - and it says it is - then indisputably I belong in there, too, because my way of living is a way of loving .... It's important I was ordained as a lesbian. Gay people should have a place in the ministry as they should in the rest of the world. But I have a hard time grasping that, to a lot of the world, it's the only important thing about me - it's not! I'm a lot more than that."
At the altar of her ordination, Episcopal priest James Wattley spoke out during the service and called it,
"... a travesty and a scandal."
Rev. Ellen Marie Barrett:
"The changes in the Church have always been to broaden and include -- not cut off and turn away .... I care less about the Church as a structure than as a community of Christians. I think that community is founded on love, and I think that love belongs in everyone - including women and lesbians."


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