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Luis Caballero
(August 27, 1943 - 1995) Colombia - France

Luis Caballero

Figurative artist


Luis was born in Colombia and worked for several years in France. He died of AIDS related complications.

The Office of the Mayor of Bogota, Colombia, organised the "Luis Caballero Award", which aspires to highlight the work of well-known artists over the age of 35.

Luis Caballero

Erotic art has been folded into pornography, and the nude relegated to a set of 19th century Academic conventions from which it has yet to rehydrate. In the Caballero drawings an ostensibly simple rendering of anatomy, convincingly drawing the model's penis, effortlessly integrates with the body and the compsition. The success of Caballero's work has partly to do with his complex consciousness of the nude, far from being simply erotic (although it is that beautiful), there is a subtle political cast that in some works merges with a highly original mix of psycho-sexual politics reflective of his South American background. Still, even considering this, it is eroticism that structures and organizes reality in his view.


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