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Sara Levi Calderón
(1942 - living) Mexico

Sara Levi Calderón

Writer, novelist


Sara Levi Calderón is not her real name, because she comes from a very well-known Ashkenazi family living in Mexico City. It is her pen name with which she published her book 30 years ago, a story that includes erotic poetry and describes a forbidden love between two women, one of them being part of the Jewish Community of Mexico.

She married at 18 with a man who was a good husband and a good father. She gave birth to two sons. But the woman had other expectations: she lived unsatisfied and ended up divorcing. Years later she decided to study Sociology at the UNAM, where she met many new people and discovered that she could do and be many things even being Jewish.

It still took her many years to open up her sexuality and accept being a lesbian. After her divorce, for which she also had to overcome family difficulties and tensions, Sara believed over the years that falling in love was an illusion and that she was surely even incapacitated to love.

One day, she falls in love for the first time in her life, "something I did not think I was capable of". The object of his love is a woman that everyone around her loves ... until the bond that unites them was discovered. Because of this love, Sara Levi was disinherited, her parents did not want to talk to her again and her own sons ran her from the house where she lived, which was in addition to her property. And she was expelled from her community by her friends and relatives.

They were different times. It was the year 1990 when Dos mujeres (Two Women) went on sale. Sara Levi Calderón is a pen name, as she comes from a very well-known Jewish family in the country and changed the name thinking that that way nobody would know that she had written it. That romance and in general the life of the writer are portrayed in the book of Dos mujeres. Maybe that was the main reason his family reacted so sharply.

In the book, Sara Levi makes an autobiographical portrait and although it does not give the real names, it exposes the physical and psychological abuse that Sara underwent by her father and her older brother when she was adolescent, although the main history is the one of the passionate and raptured Romance that she lived, already divorced and in its early 40s, with that younger woman she fell in love with and who, 35 years later, continues to love and with whom she married just a few years ago in Mexico City.

The book Dos mujeres was a huge success, although in Mexico, it had a short life. However, changing his name was not enough. His family found out and was scandalized by the eroticism in her novel. His father bought the whole batch to contain the scandal and the title disappeared from the shelves of the bookstores. Homophobia struck hard the writer. However, the book was published in the United States and other countries, giving royalties to the author and allowing her to go ahead.

Sara lost everything just a few days after the release of that book and stopped writing a couple of years. When her father died, she returned from her self-exile to face all that remained in the air, then she wrote again.

Now, she take the pen again with the work Vida y peripecies de una buena hija de familia (Life and peripecies of a good daughter of family). The appearance of the book and the lesbian status of a "family daughter" was a shock to the Jewish community at the time.

"The Community does not forgive me that I have hurt my parents and my sons." She is very sorry to have caused pain and shame. "However, I had to choose between losing love and dying, or accept it and stay alive" ... "For 35 years I have lived with this person, I love her with all my being," concludes the novelist.

The fate of the second book was different, at least at first. It was very successful in sales and was well valued by literary criticism. It was edited by the publishing house Diana (today Planet Publishing), one of the most important of the country at that time.

"I had immigrated because I had been terrified of the success and what I was causing. It was a two-edged knife. Fantastic for the book and for me as a writer, but for me as a lesbian from the eighties it was very difficult. As I see it now, I do not regret it," declared Sara Levi in an interview.


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