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Michael Callen
(April 11, 1955 - December 27, 1993) U.S.A.

Michael Callen

Singer, songwriter, actor


Michael Callen was born and raised in Rising Sun, Indiana. By 1982, when he was diagnosed with AIDS, he was already a successful composer and singer. He became a pioneering AIDS activist, and drew attention to the bathhouse culture and excessive sexual promiscuity among some gay men and its relation to the spread of AIDS.

Michael CallenIn 1985, along with a handful of other people with AIDS, he founded the PWA (People with AIDS) Coalition - the first AIDS self-empowerment organization - and served as the first editor of PWAC's Newsline. He was also a co-founder of Community Research Initiative (CRI). In 1990, Callen chronicled the stories of long-term survivors in his book, Surviving AIDS.

With Peter Allen, he composed Love Don't Need a Reason, a gay-positive anthem, and he was a founder and member of the gay a cappella group "The Flirtations". He is survived by his life partner, Richard Dworkin.

"I'm definitely dying; I know it in my bones, I can't say when, but soon. And it's truly O.K. I don't know how to break it to you, but we're all gonna eventually die. Maybe not from AIDS, but there are a lot of buses out there to run people down."


Source: Quote source: Blanton, David. Queer Notions

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