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Dennis Cambly
(1960 - living) Canada

Dennis Cambly



Dennis Cambly is living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Amongst his many achievements we can list:

  • Dennis founded a gay and lesbian Magazine in 1993 called Times .10 Magazine, which ran for 12 years in print. (stopped the print copy due to costs)
  • Founded the Website that still brings news to this day on June 1994 at http://www.times10.org/
  • Worked on the Pride Committee for a total of 4 years and assisted in bringing the weeks events from 300 people to over 20,000
  • Was named Citizen of the Year by the Court of the Wild Rose 1997
  • Was presented with the Michael Phair Award for active participation in his community in 2001
  • Put together an Annual Event to raise money for people living with HIV/AIDS for Christmas hampers for 8 years. This event is still going on today although he is no longer involved.
  • Organized numerous people such as Colt Model Wade Neff, and Canadian Gay artist Steve Walker, to appear during Pride Week as guests of Honor.
  • All the events and the magazine were under a non-profit Society, which in Canada means, nobody takes home a pay cheque.
  • During one of the greatest "fights" with the Alberta Provincial Government, Dennis fund raised in order to take the Vriend vs. Alberta case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court then forced the Provincial Government to include Equality for Gays and Lesbians into its own Charter.
  • Operated two businesses to assist in funding various charities in his community including Pride Week events. Employed over 20 young gays and lesbians who could not find work in Edmonton, due to their sexuality. This continued until he had a near fatal accident in 2005, at which time he could no longer keep the businesses open. All of the wonderful staff were assisted in finding other work and a few went back to school for further education.
  • Worked with the Youth Understanding Youth group, as an advisor. The group grew from very few to almost 100 young people.
  • Took a seat on the Board of Directors for HIV Edmonton for 3 years and became overwhelmed by the work that was required.
  • Spoke out to remember on local and national radio and television on behalf of events that were taking place, including Canada's recent gay marriage legislation. The legislation passed at a Federal level so the gay marriage in Canada became legal.
  • Wrote and continues to write Editorials and Commentaries, on a monthly basis since 1993 that continue to bring news from over 160 Countries worldwide. Voluntary activity of which Dennis is very happy for many Countries now seeking Equality to this 100%.
  • Continues to be active with Russia.Ru since before their first Parade in giving advice and getting other people to support them in their quest.
  • Having travelled a great deal in the United States specific individuals where given free advice on forming groups. The most recent was the group in Salt Lake City.
  • Was one of the founding members of the 106 Street Social Club Society in September 1979. Was originally for gay men only, buth they changed the policy to include lesbians a few years later.
  • As a volunteer with a larger group, helped to elect the first gay City Councilor in Edmonton. (This spurred their friends in Winnipeg, Manitoba to up them by electing Canada's first Gay Mayor)


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