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Loren Cameron
(1959 - living) U.S.A.

Loren Cameron

Photographer and writer


Loren CameronLoren Cameron was born in 1959 in Pasadena, California and spent his early teens in rural Arkansas. He moved to San Francisco in 1979 and has been a Bay Area resident ever since. From the age of 16, Cameron was sexually and socially identifying as a lesbian. It was in 1987 that Cameron began his transition from female to male. He began his photography career in 1993 as he documented his process of becoming a man. As Cameron began to take pictures of his own transformation, he began to photograph other transsexuals.

"What was initially a crude documentation of my own personal journey quickly evolved into an impassioned mission. Impulsively, I began to photograph other transsexuals that I knew, feeling compelled to make images of their emotional and physical triumphs. I was fueled by my need to be validated and wanted, in turn, to validate them. I wanted the world to see us, I mean, really see us."

Loren CameronCameron's photographs and self-portraits have become beautiful icons of a burgeoning transgender movement. Heralded as groundbreaking and stunning, his book Body Alchemy: Transsexual Portraits (Cleis Press 1996) has been regarded as a seminal contribution. It has been critically acclaimed worldwide and in 1996 received numerous certificates of recognition, including two Lambda Literary awards. Cameron's intimate self-portraiture and the compassionate portrayal of his subjects reflect an insider's viewpoint that is proud, informative and dynamic.

Currently, new works are in progress: self-portrait nude studies, transgenders and partners nudes and portraits and nudes of transsexual women and men. His documentation of surgical options for transmen (female-to-male) is ongoing and he continues to provide these and select other images as a community resource and in an educational slide format. Cameron is now photographing in both color (chrome) and black and white.


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