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Rhona Cameron
(September 27, 1965 - living) Scotland

Rhona Cameron

Comic, actress and TV-host


Born in Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, since winning the title of Rosebud Princess 1969 (aged 4), Rhona Cameron has gone on to become "one of the best" (The Scotsman) stand up comedians on the UK circuit today.

Weight lifter, Scot and ex-wild child Rhona left Scotland and quickly made an impact on the comedy scene. A series of open spots led to her winning Ch4’s "So You Think You’re Funny" Award in 1992. In 1995, Rhona toured Britain with the Jack Dee Show, won the Paper Boat Award at Glasgow Mayfest and toured Australia. Since 1993, she has had sell-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Rhona CameronAfter the 1996 Edinburgh Show, Rhona played to further sell-out audiences for three weeks in an off-West End theatre, to great acclaim. This was followed by her hugely successful first solo tour of the UK.

Rhona, a lesbian, was taunted as a girl over her sexual orientation, and at age 38 she certainly wasn't going to take any more of it. When two brats from the Hampstead College of Fine Arts shouted, "She's a lesbian - get me out of here," she chased them down and had a few choice words. "Rhona gave one a good clip round the ear and both were on the end of an almighty tongue lashing," says a source. Then she headed for the teens' school to demand an apology. Which she received.

Rhona has made numerous appearances on leading comedy television programmes such as, Have I Got News For You and Saturday Live and perhaps best known for presenting BBC2's pioneering Gaytime TV. She also presented Top of the Pops and after a very successful pilot of her new sitcom, has been commissioned to write a series of six episodes for the BBC. She also appeared as a guest on the one-off Jackie Mason Show on BBC2. Rhona is a freelance video reviewer for the BBC website.



  • Funny Man (1994)
  • Gaytime TV, Rhona
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