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Renaud Camus
(1946 - living) France

Renaud Camus



Camus was born near Clermont-Ferrand. Having studied law and political science for his first degree and followed this with a masters in philosophym he worked as a language assistant for a year at Oxford and then at two universities in America.

During the 1970s and 1980s he mostly lived in Paris, although he traveled videly, both elsewhere un France and also in Portugal and Italy. Unlike most of his generation he has preferred to make a living by writing, his work ranging across a wide varietyof genres and styles.

Homosexuality as an issue - or a non-issue - came to the fore in Triks (1979), which records a series of autobiographical sexual encounters while cruising, and the essays and "thoughts" in Notes achriennes (1982) and Chroniques achriennes (1984), where Camus' use of two neologisms for gay and straight which are anagrams of one another - achrien and hinarce - embodies his view of the immateriality of sexual identity.


Source: excerpts from: Aldrich R. & Wotherspoon G., Who's Who in Contemporary Gay and Lesbian History, from WWII to Present Day, Routledge, London, 2001

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