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Pierre Canal
(9 January 1564 - 2 February 1610) Switzerland

burned on stake

Sodomite and traitor


Geneva city official, accused of sodomy and sentenced to be burned on stake.

In Geneva there were frequent prosecutions for sodomy from 1560 to 1610, linked to peaks of religious revival; a typical case was that of Pierre Canal, who in 1610, broken on the wheel for high treason and murder, accused some 20 men of sodomy. Before this inquisition was finished he was burned for sodomy; three of the men he implicated as homosexuals were also sentenced to death.

Most of the sodomy charges throughout this period of Calvinist Genevan history were levelled against French religious refugees.

Pierre Canal was a doctor in medicine in Geneva (1584), studied at Padua in 1587 and in Milan in 1588. He was a physician at the Geneva Hospital in 1593. He was a member of the Council of Two Hundred in 1589, auditor in 1601-1608. Convinced of treason in favor of the Duke of Savoy, he was broken and burnt alive on the Place du Molard.


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