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Benedetta Carlini da Pescia
(1590 - 1661) Italy

Benedetta Carlini



Born of well-to-do parents, Benedetta Carlini in Vellano, Tuscany, Italy, during the Renaissance, she entered the convent at the age of nine. At twenty-three, she began to have visions of both a religious and erotic nature. Benedetta was elected abbess due largely to these visions, but later aroused suspicions by claiming to have had supernatural contacts with Christ.

During the course of an investigation, church authorities not only found that she had faked her visions and stigmata, but uncovered evidence of a lesbian affair with another nun, Bartolomea. Once the passionate and secret love affair discovered, Benedetta was sentenced to spend the last 35 years of her life in prison.

The story of the relationship between the two nuns and of Benedetta's fall from an abbess to an outcast is revealed in surprisingly candid archival documents and retold here with a fine sense of drama.

The discovery, in the 1980s, of the fascinating and richly documented story of Sister Benedetta Carlini, Abbess of the Convent of the Mother of God, by Judith C. Brown was an event of major historical importance. Not only is the story revealed in Immodest Acts that of the rise and fall of a powerful woman in a church community and a record of the life of a religious visionary, it is also the earliest documentation of lesbianism in modern Western history.


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