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Stephen Daldry
(May 2, 1961 - living) U.K.

Stephen Daldry

Theatre and film director


Daldry used to be director of the Royal Court Theatre. He is a gay man married to a woman, Lucy Sexton, who gave birth to his first child in 2003:

"What's so funny is when people say, 'Oh, does that mean you're not gay anymore?'...And you go, 'Oh, give me a break. What do you mean?' We wanted to have kids! We thought we'd get married and have kids. We're allowed to do anything. I refuse to be boxed in to the idea that, Oh no, I can't have kids 'cause I'm gay. I can have kids if I'm gay. And I can also get married and have a fantastic life... To all questions [having to do] with my marriage, the answer to everything is yes. Do I have sex with my wife? Yes. Is it a real marriage? Yes. Am I gay? Yes."



  • Eight (1998)
  • Billy Elliot (2000)
Quote source: Giltz, Michael. The Golden Hours, The Advocate, March 18, 2003, p. 46
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