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Neal Dalgleish

(March 16, 1960 - living) U.K.

Neal Dalgleish


Benjamin Peter James
(August 30, 1960 - living) U.K.

Ben Bradshaw

Journalist and MP


Neal DalgleishOn 24 June 2006, Neal Dalgleish, a senior BBC news editor who formerly worked on Newsnight, and 12 years partner Ben Bradshaw, a British politician and the Labour Member of Parliament for Exeter, undertook a civil partnership ceremony, in Llangarron, near Ross-on-Wye.

Mr. Dalgleish has for years used a spouse's pass giving him access to most parts of the lower house. Mr Bradshaw and Mr Dalgleish share a house in Shepherd's Bush, west London.

More than a thousand people have registered for civil partnerships since last year and Ben Bradshaw, who has been with his partner Neal Dalgleish fsince 1994, said that few pieces of legislation have "spread so much happiness".

Neal Dalgleish, who is a BBC producer, registered a civil partnership. His partner Ben Bradhaw was one of the first MPs to do so, and he was the first Cabinet Minister to be in a civil partnership. Bradshaw wants the position of the Church of England over same sex marriage or partnership in the clergy clarified. Specifically he wants to know if a member of the Church of England clergy who married a same sex partner would be disciplined or defrocked.


Dalgleish & Bradshaw


Ben Bradshaw is the son of a former Anglican vicar of Norwich Cathedral Canon Peter Bradshaw and his wife Daphne Murphy. Bradshaw was educated at Thorpe Grammar School, followed by the University of Sussex where he read for a degree in German. He also attended the University of Freiburg in Germany while an undergraduate. Between 1982 and 1983 Bradshaw taught English at the Technikum, a school of technology in Winterthur in the Zurich canton of Switzerland.

Bradshaw became a reporter with the Exeter Express and Echo in 1984 and subsequently joined the Eastern Daily Press in Norwich as a reporter in 1985. In 1986 he joined the staff of BBC Radio Devon and became the Berlin correspondent for BBC Radio in 1989 and was working in the city when the Berlin Wall fell. In 1991 he became a reporter with BBC Radio's The World At One , contributing to the programme until his election to Westminster. He won the Sony News Reporter Award in 1993.

Ben BradshawHe became an MP for the first time when he won his seat for the Labour Party at the general election in 1997. He converted a Conservative majority of over 3000 in the Exeter constituency to a 11705 Labour majority with an 11.9 per cent swing. He and Stephen Twigg were the first British MPs to be elected as out-gays.

In 1997 he became a member of the European Legislation Select Committee and also the Ecclesiastical Committee. Also in 1997 he became a member of the Christian Socialist Movement, the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform, and the Institute of International and Foreign Affairs. When he became an MP he demanded a Commons pass for his partner, Neal Dalgleish (a BBC journalist). In the general election on 7th. June 2001 he held his seat with a majority of 11759. He was given the job of junior minister in the Foreign Office with the rank of Parliamentary Secretary. In a sideways move on 29th. May 2002 he replaced Stephen Twigg as Parliamentary Secretary in the Privy Council Office and Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

In 2009, Ben Bradshaw won the Stonewall Politician of the Year Award in 2009 for his work to support equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people. He was given a score of 100% in favour of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality by Stonewall. On 5 February 2013 he voted in favour in the House of Commons Second Reading vote on same-sex marriage in Britain.

Bradshaw was sworn in as a member of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom in 2009, giving him the right to the honorific prefix "The Right Honourable" for life.


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