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Giuliano Dami
(September 14th, 1683 - April 5th, 1750) Italy

Barbara Deming



Giuliano Dami was born in Mercatale di Campoli, the son of Vincenzo Dami and Catarina di Cristofano Ambrogi. In 1693 his father Vincenzo dies the hydropisy. The boy so becomes the servant of a "miserable" priest, then of Berardo Rovinate, a French man; he then enters to the service of the Chancellor Fabbrini di Castelfiorentino, and later at the service of Bailly Lenzoni de Santa Croce.

In 1703, at 21, he is an exceptionally handsome youth. and he entered to the service of the Marquis Ferdinando Capponi, as a lakey. The Marquis Ferdinando Capponi is Knight of San Stefano of Tuscany, Recteur of the Priory of Pescia, Grand Chancellor, and Aide of the Grand Duke Ferdinand II.

Between June 1705 and May 1707, Jean Gaston de Médicis meets Giuliano Dami and falls for him. They leave Florence together to turn the Euroopean courts. When Jean Gaston is called back to assume the Grand-duchy throne, is also asked to marry.

Jean Gaston de Médicis showed absolutely no interest at all in his wife, and went on in his several years-long affair with a groom named Giuliano Dami, and. He permitted the country to be governed by the unscrupulous Giuliano Dami, that he made his chamberlain. In 1721, Giuliano Dami becomes Procuratore di Palazzo.

When Jean Gaston de Médicis died in 1737, Giuliano Dami was 53 years old, and a really wealthy citizen in Florence. He died 13 years later, aged 66.


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