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Sarah Daniels
(21 November 1957 - living) U.K.

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Born in London, Daniels attempted her first play twenty-three years later almost by chance. Bored by the job she had at the time, she responded to an advertisement in Time Out , the magazine of the Royal Court Theatre in London, requesting manuscripts from new writers.

Encouraged by the Royal Court literary manager's positive response to the play she submitted, she quickly developed several more. Her first two productions were staged in the summer of 1981. Penumbra was produced at the University Drama Studio at the University of Sheffield, where she was writer in residence in the English literature department.

Her work has been performed in some of the most important venues for new playwriting in Britain. Daniels belongs to the generation of women playwrights who made their name during the 1980s and were supported by the Royal Court Theatre. Unlike some of her contemporaries' plays, Daniels' work has been marked by an engagement with current lesbian-feminist issues.

In Daniels' plays heterosexuality and patriarchy are at the root of social ills, which, her plays often suggest, can only be overcome in all-female environments.


Source: excerpts from: Gabriele Griffin, Who's Who in Lesbian and Gay and Writing, Routledge, London, 2002- et alii

Her work include:

  • Ripen Our Darkness (1981)
  • Masterpieces (1983)
  • The Devil's Gateway (1983)
  • Neaptide (1984)
  • Byrthrite (1987)
  • The Gut Girls (1988)
  • Beside Herself (1990)
  • Head-rot Holiday
  • Daniels Plays: One (1991)
  • The Madness of Esme and Shaz (1994)
  • Daniels Plays: Two (1994)
  • Blow Your House Down
  • Purple Side Coasters (1995)
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