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Paul Danquah
(May 25, 1925 - living) U.K.

Paul Danquah

Actor, barrister, and bank consultant


His father was J. B. Danquah (Joseph Kwame Kyerewie Boakye Danquah, 1889-1965), one of the founders of the country Ghana. Although black himself, his mother was white. His father, who married twice, moved to London in 1921. As well as being a barrister he was also an expert in the culture and history of west Africa. He suggested the name Ghana after the name of an ancient kingdom in the Sahara. However J. B. Danquah fell out of favour with President Kwame Nkrumah and was imprisoned more than once. He died in February 1965 in Nsawam Prison.

Paul Danquah's life partner was Peter Pollock and they shared a flat at 9 Overstrand Mansions in Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea, south London. From 1955 to 1961 Francis Bacon also stayed in the flat and they all became lifelong friends.

Paul DanquahAround 1960 Paul Danquah was studying for the Bar at the Inner Temple but he often showed more interest in the arts, male fashion, make-up, and he also briefly took up ballet classes. He was happy to temporarily abandon his legal career when Tony Richardson cast him as the ship's cook, Jimmy, in the film A Taste of Honey, (1961).

After his father's death in 1965 Paul Danquah was left without funds, but Peter Pollock was able to fund him so that he completed and passed his Bar studies. Paul Danquah had several roles on television, including presenter on the BBC children's television programme Play School. In the late 1970s Peter Pollock and Paul Danquah set up home in Tangier.

On 21st. May 1985 Paul Danquah was a guest at the second major retrospective of Francis Bacon's work held at the Tate Gallery. A black and white photograph of Paul Danquah with Francis Bacon at the retrospective is reproduced in Daniel Farson's biography of Francis Bacon.

Paul Danquah worked as a consultant for the World Bank in Washington but retired in 1986 and and continued to live in Tangier with Peter Pollock.


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