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Evan Darling
(1969 - living) U.S.A.

Evan Darling

Race car driver


Evan was born in Andover, MA. He started racing BMX bicycles as a child, moved to motocross/hare scrambles (motorcycle endurance events through forest areas). But Darling harbored a secret. "When all my friends were looking at boobies, I noticed the husbands," he recalls. He came out to himself at 13, then to his parents five years later. They did not take the news well. (His father, an attorney, later represented military veterans in their fight against gay advocacy groups for control of Boston's St. Patrick's Day parade.)

In the entire world of American motor sports there are only two active, openly gay racers: Darling, and Canadian stock car racer Billy Innes. You could throw in an endurance driver who is tacitly out but never says the G-word, and a retired racer who is semi-out, but the universe of gay drivers would still equal the number of wheels on Darling's Acura Integra.

"I had a hard time growing up," Darling says. "My parents sent me to a psychiatrist to 'change' - unsuccessfully, of course. Like a lot of gay kids, I considered suicide. I don't wish those kinds of things on anyone. "I want to be out there, and show myself as a success. I'm not a screaming queen, but sometimes those are the only gay people teenagers see. I'm just a normal person who happens to be a race car driver. I want people to see that."
His parents also disapproved of his racing, so beginning in his late teens, Darling was on his own. He moved to Florida and built a successful landscaping business, but his need for speed never eased. He started road racing in 1994, and won numerous divisional titles in both sprint and endurance events. Four years ago, he made a difficult decision: He sold his company to pursue driving full time.

He still races mountain bikes for training. Started autocrossing/time trials in 1989. Started Road Racing in 1994. Won many Divisional titles. Raced at all SE Division racetracks and won many sprint races and endurance events. He is a driving instructor for many clubs including Chin Motorsports, Ferrari Owners Club and Porsche BMW Owners Club. Currently the 2005 SE Division ITA Champion. Undefeated at Daytona last year (2 sprint races and 1 endurance race). Race wins at Sebring in rainy and dry conditions.


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