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Richard Deacon
(May 14, 1921 - August 8, 1984) U.S.A.

Richard Deacon



Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, imposing, bald-pated, bespectacled character actor, he was best known for playing imperious authority figure types. In private life, a bookish man and a renowned gourmet chef. In his career, Richard Deacon always played supporting parts. He wished for more, but with the looks and persona he had, he did as well as he could.

He was Mel Cooley in The Dick Van Dyke Show. He was pretty good in that, but he also replaced Roger C. Carmel in The Mothers-In-Law, and Leave it to Beaver as well. He did a stint on Broadway in Hello Dolly, opposite Phyllis Diller. His last job was as a host of a Canadian cooking show, featuring microwave cooking. He also wrote a book on the subject.

He was also gay. In Boze Hadleigh's book Hollywood Gays, he meets up with Richard, and asked him, "Do you imagine any segment of the public guesses that Richard Deacon is gay?" He (Deacon) shook his head. "Not even gays. Most would be surprised. Only because what you see on TV - a serious guy in a suit, unsmiling - isn't how anyone thinks of gay males."

He was stricken with a hypertensive heart attack at his home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. He lived on Dale Grove Drive. He was 62 years old.


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