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Paul DeBoy
(14 September 1955 - living) U.S.A. - Canada

Paul Deboy

Actor, musician


An actor and musician, DeBoy was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He has always had sports in his blood, either as a participant or a spectator. He played soccer, basketball and wrestling, which for him was a way to "have sex with all the boys in the neighbourhood" he jokes. While being involved in sports, he came across the obvious homophobia that you would expect in such a testosterone-based environment.

He moved to New York City at the tender of 22 where he performed with Kiki and Herb, Miss Coco Peru and his band Podden Tradger (don't ask). While living in Greenwich Village, he met his boyfriend of 5 years, director Josh Levy at Squeezebox, a rock-and-roll gay bar catering to late night troublemakers. One year later, DeBoy moved to Toronto.

After a "blink and you'll miss him" appearance in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, DeBoy was back to the screen with a starring role in the eagerly anticipated horror-thriller DoUlike2Watch.

DeBoy also performs live. From his own brand of rock-n-roll to the popular cabaret act, The Homosexual Hillbillies, to hosting a variety of public events (some of which are completely respectable), you're bound to run into him shaking his booty somewhere.

Paul DeboyDeBoy is best-known as the host on LockerRoom, the only gay sports show in the world, on Canada's PrideVision cable TV channel.

According to DeBoy, there are still fewer than 100 professional athletes who have come out, mainly because of the pressures to be straighter-than-straight for fans, coaches and other players.

But why are jocks so afraid to have a homo in their midst? "It's not as if an athlete comes out to be gay on the field or in the locker room," states DeBoy. "They just don't want such a big part of their lives to be hidden away."

DeBoy feels the time is ripe for a big professional athlete to come out. "It would be such a big headway for other gay men, women and athletes. I hope the show will help people see that it's important to be yourself."

And this is where Locker Room comes in. "I used to joke around being a 'gay commentato' and thought it would be so much fun to have sports seen through gay eyes," explains DeBoy. The idea came about through conversations with DeBoy's boyfriend, Josh Levy, and Paul Bellini, who pitched the show to PrideVision.


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