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Eloy de Jong
(March 13, 1973 - living) Holland

Eloy de Jong



Eloy was born in Den Haag, to Prosper, a businessman and his wife Lenie de Jong. From the age of two Eloy was raised in the village of Zoetermeer, (about 18 km East of Den Haag). During his first years of life Eloy dedicated himself to riding and his own horses.

Eloy de JongYears passed by and Eloy, who was always very much into singing in front of the mirror with Mum's hairbrush, entered a dancing competition with his sister Lucienne. They were both overjoyed at winning this competition they decided to take it further, practicing Latin-dancing in a professional way. Talented Eloy and Lucienne travelled the world; won several prizes and even managed to become Dutch Youth Champion in Latin-dancing . Eloy was just seventeen.

By chance Eloy made good friends with Bastiaan, - a guy from Lisse , Holland, who was also ineterested in singing and dreaming of a career in the music-business. Together with some other mates, the British born Lee Baxter and Benjamin Boyce, they started a band - the ironically named "Caught in the act".

Eloy de JongBut Eloy, enjoying the fame and life of a pop-star, mindful of his image, hid something - the fact that he was gay. For years, he denied his well hidden secret. He first confided in his sister; then told his mother the same day. It was different with his father. He wasn't happy to find out to have a gay son. After hearing this news Eloy's Dad rejected him and didn't talk to him for almost a year.

"Caught in the act" enjoyed an amazing career, but were splitted up by their Management in August 1998. It was like a bombshell to their followers, because no one really knew what was going on behind the scenes.

Eloy de JongMeanwhile he bought a house, drives a cool car and got himself a new boyfriend, Stephen Gately of the famous Irish boyband Boyzone. The story broke June 16th, 1999 and made Stephen, the 23 year old lad from North of Dublin, the front cover of various newspapers.

Up until now more attention has been payed to Stephen than to Eloy, who has been travelling everywhere to be with his patner. They have homes in Holland as well as Ireland; got themselves a Shihtsu puppy - Joey, and are enjoy the quietness of just being together. No more hiding his boyfriend.


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