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Larry Paul Ebmeier
(June 15, 1950 - October 6, 2011) USA

Larry Paul Ebmeier



Larry Paul Ebmeier was born at St. Ann's Hospital in Lexington, Nebraska, to Roger and Shirley (Clayton) Ebmeier. He was a graduate of Bertrand (NE.) High School and the University of Nebraska College of Pharmacy. He was a valued member of pharmacy teams at BryanLGH Health System, Lincoln, Nebraska and Big Bend Regional Medical Center, Alpine, Texas.

Larry's passions included writing, sculpting, cycling, music composition, furniture construction and acting. He was a published author, using the pen name Clayton R. Graham, with novels widely distributed in the United States and Germany. He liked long-distance bicycling in the Big Bend especially.

Larry died in Lubbock, Texas from injuries received in a bicycle-auto accident a cople weeks before. Larry is survived by his partner of 28 years, Donald Callen Freed. Larry, an avid cyclist and weightlifter, proud of his physique, which belied his 61 years, died after requesting to have his ventilator removed. He had undergone lengthy surgery in Lubbock earlier this week in an effort to repair nerve damage in his spine.

Texas Department of Public Safety investigators estimated Ebmeier's speed on his bicycle while heading east on Highway 90 at around 40 miles per hour before impact. Larry hit the rear of a legally parked car in the shoulder near the Marfa Lights viewing area The occupants had pulled over to take a photograph of the Marfa sign before Ebmeier ran into their parked car. He suffered very serious head and neck injuries.

There was a small hill that Ebmeier was descending, which could account for his speed; there was also a tailwind from the west though nothing too significant. The force of the impact broke Larry's bike into three pieces.


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