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John Edwards
(1950 - 2003) U.K.

John Edwards

Bacon's companion


A Cockney, a barely literate dyslexic and former barman who became gasy painter Francis Bacon's closest friend for the last 16 year's of the U.K. artist's life (Edwards insisted that they were never lovers).

John Edwards
Bacon (left) & Edwards (right) kiss

He was the model for at least 30 of Bacon's portraits and accompaniedJohn Edwards the artist when he painted and went out drinking and gambling; when he died in 1992, Bacon left Edwards all his paintings and properties, worth $18.05 million, and he was distraught over all the media attention his inheritance had created; in 1994 Edwards left Britain and moved to Thailand.

"He [Bacon] felt very free with me because I was a bit different from most people he knew. I wasn't asking him about his painting or anything like that. Most people around Francis looked up to him, and he didn't like that."


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