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Ellen Ensig-Brodsky
(1934 - living) U.S.A.

Ellen Ensig-Brodsky



Ensig-Brodsky spent her working life inspecting nursing homes for the U.S. government. Having been faced with the realities of life as a senior for a long time, after her retirement Ensig-Brodsky realized that there was a unique need for services for LGBT senior citizens.

She founded Pride Senior Network in 1995 to focus on those needs. PSN was a watershed group in the care of queer seniors, many of whom have retreated back into the closet, have been separated from their partners, or are unaware that they have the right to personalized care. Among PSN's goals are to make seniors aware of existing services, help create new services, and educate about the necessity of LGBT-specific care.

PSN's newsletter, The Networker, has been transformed into the first newspaper for LGBT seniors. Ensig-Brodsky, who is still PSN's vice president, has become a well-known advocate for seniors. She has also helped to create New York City's Pride Aging Resource Center.

"I have to tell that at your age [a teenager]," Ensig-Brodsky said, "I knew in my heart of hearts that I was gay. But that would not come out of my mouth. Ultimately I got married and had a couple of kids. Then I got to the stage when I said to myself, I can't go on like this, I really must be myself."


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