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God of Love


In Greek mythology, Eros was a god who was in charge of passionate and physical love, as well as a fertility god. His name is the base of words such as erotic. His Roman equivalent was Amor ("love") or Cupid ("desire"). He is usually represented as a handsome youth, but sometimes also as a hermaphrodite.

He is regarded in the classical period as the protector of homosexual love between men and youths. Eros, Heracles, and Hermes form a homoerotic trinity. The Lacedaemonians prayed and sacrificed to him before going into battle because they believed that only the love of the men for each other could ultimately bring them military success.

The heterosexual image of Eros as Cupid was popularized by poets and painters but rarely worshipped, while the homoerotic Eros was worshipped on the battlefield by warrior-lovers and in the gymnasia by athletes. Eros granted blessings upon male couples, and the gift of loyalty. Eros was called upon by warrior-lovers before a fight, because the ancient Greeks believed victory is often achieved because of the love between men.


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