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Evelien Eshuis
(25 november 1942 - 14 november 2002) Holland

Evelien Eshuis

Former member of parliament


Evelien Eshuis, born in Amersfoort, Holland, is a former CPN politic. She was the first openly lesbian member of parliament.

Eshuis grew up in a middle-class family. Her father was Professor of Chemistry and Director of a Public High School. Her mother was editor of the "Rural Woman". Eshuis followed her primary school in Elsen and then went to the Erasmus Lyceum in Almelo where she went to the gymnasium. After the gymnasium she studied andragology at the University of Amsterdam (between 1962 and 1973). This followed a course of construction work.

Eshuis worked as a teacher at the social academy in Amsterdam (between 1972 and 1975) and then district construction worker in Alkmaar (1975-1978) and later as coordinator of a neighborhood in Amsterdam (1978-1982).

Between 1982 and 1986 she was a member of the Lower House for the CPN. Eshuis was the representative of the party's feminist wing. She was spokesman in the field of Economic Affairs, Finance, Environment and Emancipation. Immediately after her acting as a Member of Parliament in 1982 she carried a pink triangle on her dress as a sign of her being openly lesbian. During her chamber membership, she was a member of the CPN party board. She took the initiative for the parliamentary survey to the RSV site and became a member of the committee of inquiry.

After herservice asmember of Parliament, she was Secretary of the City Council in De Pijp. She was also active in the gay and women's movement: as a member of the board of the Schorer Foundation and the Board of the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the board of the monthly magazine Opzij .


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